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CVisibleBotInfo Class Reference

Public class for general bot information. More...

#include <botinfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for CVisibleBotInfo:

CMovingGameObj CGameObj CBotInfo CBot

Public Member Functions

 CVisibleBotInfo ()
 Default constructor.

 CVisibleBotInfo (CVisibleBotInfo *aBotInfo, float aXPos, float aYPos)
 Copy constructor.

virtual ~CVisibleBotInfo ()

bool enemy ()
 Checks whether the bot is hostile.

Detailed Description

Public class for general bot information.

When bots see other bots, they will get this information of it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVisibleBotInfo::CVisibleBotInfo CVisibleBotInfo *    aBotInfo,
float    aXPos,
float    aYPos

Copy constructor.

Used when giving info to bots, changes coordinates from absolute to relative.

aBotInfo The private info of the bot
aXPos Current X coordinate of the bot
aYPos Current Y coordinate of the bot

Member Function Documentation

bool CVisibleBotInfo::enemy  

Checks whether the bot is hostile.

True if seen bot is in other team, false if in own.

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