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CGameObj Class Reference

Base class for all game objects. More...

#include <gameobj.h>

Inheritance diagram for CGameObj:

CMovingGameObj CVisibleWeaponInfo CVisibleBotInfo CVisibleBulletInfo CWeaponInfo CBotInfo CBulletInfo CBot

Public Member Functions

 CGameObj (int aType)

virtual ~CGameObj ()

float xPos ()
 Getter for x-coordinates of the object.

float yPos ()
 Getter for y-coordinates of the object.

float radius ()
 Getter for the radius.

float direction ()
 Getter for the orientation of the object.

int type ()
 Getter for the type of the object.

float animationTimer ()
 Getter for animation timer.

Protected Attributes

TPosition mPos
 Coordinates of the object.

float mRadius
 Radius of the game object.

float mDirection
 Orientation of the game object.

int mType
 Type of the game object.

float mAnimationTimer
 Timer for animations.

Detailed Description

Base class for all game objects.

Common attributes for locating and drawing objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGameObj::CGameObj int    aType


aType Type of the game object.
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Member Function Documentation

float CGameObj::animationTimer  

Getter for animation timer.

May be used by CGraphicsEngine.

float CGameObj::radius  

Getter for the radius.

Used with drawing and collision detection.

int CGameObj::type  

Getter for the type of the object.

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Field Documentation

float CGameObj::mAnimationTimer [protected]

Timer for animations.

Animation is played during 1 time units.

float CGameObj::mDirection [protected]

Orientation of the game object.

With moving objects, orientation is used as a moving direction.

int CGameObj::mType [protected]

Type of the game object.

Game object type specification.

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