GMail unlabelled

Whilst I normally use thunderbird to read my emails, I use gmail as a backup device and a spam filter. The gmail UI is maybe the best UI for webmail ever, but I found it is lacking a show unlabelled mails option completely. As a member of few mailing lists, it is not really an option to see mails that aren't from these lists.

First I tried to create a label that would be applied to those mails not otherwise labelled, but seems gmail filters cannot be used that way. Today I accidentally run across showUnlabelled greasemonkey script, which (mostly) fills in the blank.

Event better, slightly after that I realized, I don't need to archive all my incoming mail, and instead I can make the filters that label the incoming messages archive them, so I will get my inbox to contain the unlabelled messages. Combined with the showUnlabelled, this should be a pretty usable combination. Though I'm still sticking to my beloved thunderbird, having a backup solution is always good.