osso-xterm and .profile

April 11, 2007 on 1:45 pm | In maemo-hackers | 4 Comments

Thank's to Marius Gedminas' patch, osso-xterm now spawns login shells and $HOME/.profile is read. This has been quite a popular request, and now it should work.

In other news, I'm taking a risk and re-enabling maemo-hackers ticket commenting; if it still generates lots of spam, I might re-disable it...

blog-service revisited

April 3, 2007 on 4:37 pm | In blog-service, maemo-hackers | No Comments

Fooling around with dbus-glib, I decided to redesign the BlogService DBus API. The idea is the following; different blogs are available at different object paths, the default blog will be available as /org/MaemoHackers/BlogService/default or similar.

The API is somewhat described in maemo-hackers wiki; the .xml files in svn repository have not yet been updated. I'm doing this alone and in quite a slow pace, and will commit my code when it compiles again. The api may also live -- comments, suggestions etc. welcome.

Repository watcher back online

March 6, 2007 on 1:52 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | No Comments

The repository watcher is back online. A rss-feed also available. Sources for watcher, Trac macro and rssfeed are available.

The rss script also supports listing only single repository, for example: maemo-hackers.org.

Many of the timestamps are totally wrong, but the situation should improve over time.


March 5, 2007 on 9:55 am | In maemo, maemo-hackers | 2 Comments

Thanks to pwille on #maemo and to Yoram Last, the dropbear-server package now starts up after desktop and uses /dev/urandom as (pseudo) random source. The server now stars after desktop too.

Using /dev/urandom may have some security issues, but there simply seems to be not enough entropy to start up the daemon using real random.

Removing tooltips on osso-xterm tabs

March 1, 2007 on 2:27 pm | In osso-xterm | No Comments

tigert pointed to me that tooltips in osso-xterm's tabs are sometimes annoying. As tooltips on touchscreen aren't usually what you want, I removed them totally. The bad thing is, that you don't have a way of seeing the whole title of a tab, but it rarely is needed anyway. The change is in osso-xterm 0.13.mh21.

Lunch meeting over maemo-blog

February 27, 2007 on 2:47 pm | In blog-service, maemo, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | 1 Comment
We had a lunch meeting with bergie, tigert, rambo and mdk. Among other fun stuff, we talked about some ideas for maemo-blog:

  • make the "engine" a dbus service and separate UI
  • The DBus API should provide at least the following
    • getting a list of configure blogs
    • getting a list of posts in a blog
    • getting a list of categories in a blog (preferably with post counts, if possible)
    • creating categories (if supported by the blog API)
    • creating posts to a defined blog
    • creating posts to the default blog
    • upload media (preferably through gnome-vfs URI's in the post content to keep us indenpendent of network, cache network/bluetooth files locally?)
  • The UI should also have a DBus API for the following
    • Open a "prepared" item in editor for posting
    • Show a "choose blog" -dialog for posting
  • Finally implement the UI changes proposed by tigert
  • Clean up the editor (preferably as a widget in it's own library)
  • Replace category menu with tag cloud (needs tag cloud widget)
I was planning on making the post query/sending functions quite generic, so the user would list the fields they're insterested, something like this:


The latter would require fields "title" and "description".

Suggestions, comments etc welcome.

Teating maemo-blog once again

February 27, 2007 on 1:02 pm | In geeky, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | 6 Comments

Maemo-blog is once again in maemo-hackers repository, for n800 too. Go grab it.

In other news: an experimental wordpress package and updated php package available.

nginx update, php

February 21, 2007 on 12:48 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | No Comments

Noticed today that there have been a plenty of nginx releases since I packaged it, and so I upgraded my package, now 0.5.13-3, grab the install-file if you want to test it out.

If you're interested, I've packaged also a fastcgi version of php interpreter. Grab it's install file for installation. If you want to use php, I suggest installing this first and nginx only afterwards, otherwise you need to restart nginx.

Update:thanks to maddler for bringing into my attention that the port I was using for fastcgi, 9000, is used by canola. Changed the port to 9005, so if you had prolems, upgrade your php5-fastcgi package.


January 26, 2007 on 3:44 am | In maemo-hackers | 5 Comments

I've taken a risk of ruining my life and made a 770/N800 package of sgt-puzzles -- the highly addictive set of puzzles by putty's creator Simon Tatham. Beware, these may make all your free time disappear! The package needs to be improved, the massive number of games makes the extras menu huge and some games need some tweaking because they need two/three mouse buttons and/or keyboard, but mostly it's usable. Try it for yourself.

nginx http server and .install files

January 26, 2007 on 12:53 am | In maemo-hackers | No Comments

There was some discussion about http server for 770/N800, so I decided to package one too. After some surfing I decided to use nginx, it seemed light and fun. Unfortunately their build system wasn't exactly standard, and needed some tuning to get it debianised (on the machine I was on apt-get source didn't give anything for it). But now it's running and available for 770 and N800.

N800 application manager introduced .install files (IT2006 has some support too, haven't really tested). I created a php script that checks for a package in my repositories and returns appropriate .install file data. When I test run it, it turned out, that although the content-type was correct, and it was correctly opened in application manager, it didn't work due to invalid file suffix. So I grabbed every web admins favourite tool, mod_rewrite and made the .install files available as http://maemo-hackers.org/<packagename>.install.

osso-xterm installation has never been this easy, just click here, and your N800 should go and get itself some command line sugar.

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