MH Home Sysmon -- simple system monitor for your hildon home

June 30, 2008 on 11:06 pm | In maemo-hackers, mh-home-sysmon | 3 Comments

After playing around with cairo, I came up with an idea and base for a leetle system monitor for the hildon home. After some twiddling and finishing, it now works somehow and installs nicely. Thanks to hns and his post on ITT for getting me over the last hurdles to get the transparency working. The new project is dubbed mh-home-sysmon and currently supports only showing cpu load and memory usage. Warning: this is the very first release and may break things and most likely will drain your battery. Please report any bugs you find to maemo-hackers ticket system, wishes welcome too (select enhancement as ticket type). Installation easiest by using the .install link.

Here's the mandatory screenshot:
Mh Home SysMon in action

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