Scratchbox on AMD64

February 27, 2009 on 12:07 pm | In maemo | 2 Comments

Following yesterday's vdso32 hack. The same colleague now built amd64 packages for maemo4 scratchbox.

Also with debian repo; just add

deb /

to your apt sources.


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  1. Graham Cobb says:

    Thanks very much to your colleague. My daily GPE build is now reduced from several hours to less than one hour as I don't have to use a hacky chroot or UML environment.

  2. Graham Cobb says:

    Don't suppose there is any chance of your friend building the s2005q3.2-glibc toolchain as well, is there? This is so that I could do my Bora and Gregale builds on my AMD64 system as well!

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