VDSO32 disabler kernel module

February 26, 2009 on 1:16 pm | In maemo | 4 Comments

Scratchbox needs vdso disabled, which can be done run-time with 32-bit kernels. With 64-bit kernels, however, this is not possible... until now. A colleague of mine wrote a (hacky) kernel module to do exactly that, it seeks the vdso-flag and writes 0 to it. I helped him with dkms/deb packaging, and now it's available for download.

Note that this does not help with any other annoyances with sbox on 64-bit system, but at least it is something.


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  1. Well, you could always pass vdso32=0 as a kernel option right ? Anyway, the module approach, even if hackish, is more convenient.

  2. tme says:

    works for me - good job.

  3. [...] yesterday’s vdso32 hack. The same colleague now built amd64 packages for maemo4 [...]

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