Vte on maemo can now do bold black

January 17, 2008 on 7:51 pm | In maemo-hackers | No Comments

As someone somewhere pointed out a long ago, the osso-xterm/vte show bold black as black, not as "bright black". I finally fixed this and new vte is now in repos for mistral, bora and chinook. Currently there's no way to pull this via UI (and OS2008 wouldn't allow it anyway) so if you want it, you need to use some apt-magic.

Obligatory updated screen shot:
Maemo vte can now do bold black!

Scratchbox on hardy

January 17, 2008 on 11:13 am | In maemo | 14 Comments

I've been running hardy (the upcoming ubuntu LTS release) for a while now. After a kernel update, I noticed I couldn't build any packages anymore due to configure failing when checking if built binaries could be run. A bit of log reading, the error seemed to be: "mmap: permission denied", hmm.

The configure test there should be fairly trivial, but just to be sure, I made a little test program and compiled it. The compiler works just fine but the produced binary gave the same mmap-error, so it seemed the arm emulation was broken. After stracing the binary a bit, I saw that it tried to do mmap(..., 4096, ...), which failed.

The error appeared after a kernel upgrade, so I tried to find something related to mmap in /proc, and find did give me /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr, which had 65536 in it. Running sudo sh -c 'echo 4096 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr' was my first instinct and it did indeed fix the problem -- any larger value and the problem resurfaced.

So, if you're running ubuntu hardy (or linux 2.6.24(?)), you might hit this problem; and lowering the mmap_min_addr should help.

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