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October 16, 2007 on 8:55 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | 15 Comments

Piotras requested a php package with phpize and php-config, so I decided to change the packaging and add a -dev package. After a couple of tries I also added -pear and -cli package. I also upgraded to newest upstream (5.2.4) and the fastcgi-binary had changed name, so I needed to upgrade the packages once more. If you happened to hit this gap, upgrade the packages to get it working.

Had some spare time, so I upgraded the nginx package to newest upstream (0.5.32) too. Both packages available as .install files: nginx and php5.


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for providing this package. We've been using it to run some blog software on the device. Currently we use pivot which does not require database support. However, we'd like to use wordpress which would require mysql support.

    Any chance of getting a package with mysql support built in? Current package only has sqlite support?

    Also a minor issue with this package is that it no longer has a /usr/bin/php binary but a /usr/bin/php-cgi binary. It took me a few moments to figure that out and fix my lighthttpd configuration.

  2. Hello,

    I am also looking for mysql support. I have a working scratchbox and am building a monster size php and php-cgi, but can't seem to get these packages to work with nginx.

    I have spent way too many hours so far and could use a little guidance.

    Rob Schuler

  3. inz says:

    Nginx only supports fastcgi, so you need to have fastcgi support in php.

  4. mark desjardin says:

    I'm running os2008 and installed the 2 packages listed above. nginx woks but php scripts don't run. Am I missing something obvious? i'm kind of a linux newbie. Thanks for the packages!

  5. Fco. Reyna says:

    who to configure enable ftp support ?


    Fco. Reyna

  6. Fco. Reyna says:

    like including support FTP, pdo shared and sqlite shared, Please. there is some form of contac us, so that you send one to me, additional with these including.


  7. AlanR says:

    Thanks for the php5 package! PEAR is broken though:

    Could not open input file: /home/inz/maemo-hack/php-5.2.4/debian/tmp/usr/lib/php/pearcmd.php

    Where does the package install the .pearrc file?

    Any chance of IMAP support in the php5 package?

    Thanks again!

  8. mariuz says:

    do you have an howto create such an package ?
    or any updated for 2008 ?

    I try to create an php+firebird+nginx package for maemo

  9. Brett says:

    moi, inz ~

    I downloaded/installed your php5-fastcgi and I already have Apache running, but I don't know how to make my Apache use your php5-fastcgi to parse .php files. I have been looking at resources that talk about httpd.conf and AddType and AddHandler and Action and ScriptAlias but I am lost. Unfortunately most of the information is about Windows DLL/EXE stuff and refers to C:\ too.

    I think I just need a few lines for my httpd.conf and suddenly your PHP will start working.

    Voitko auttaa minua?

    Kiitos! ~

  10. Brett says:

    I have no idea what nginx is, so I have not touched it... but if I need that to make php work on maemo, just tell me and I'll try to do it. 🙂

  11. inz says:

    Brett, I never tried with apache, I just grabbed some light httpd and made a php package that worked with it, in this case, nginx. The php scripts should work "out-of-the-box" if you install my nginx and php packages.

  12. Stephen says:

    Hi inz,

    I am using N810.

    And I want to setup a Web Server in it.

    Do you have the new nginx package which have PHP and Mysql support ?

    Thankyou !

  13. juergen says:


    I'm also looking for a Web Server with PHP and MySQL-Support. I'm trying to create a dictionary which will be based on SQL.

    Thanks for any advice !

  14. marek says:

    still no mysql support?

  15. nn says:

    What should I do to compile nginx on n900? Any tries to compile zoneminder?

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