Screenshooting made easy-ish

June 21, 2007 on 4:58 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | 3 Comments

I wanted to create a flickr uploading option for maemo-blog's future. After some struggling with flickr's API, I got image uploading work. For testing, I created a little application that takes a screenshot and uploads it onyo flickr. The result is mh-shot-tool, available for 770 and N800. As usual, .install is available.


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  1. stan one says:

    trying to use the program...failed on flickr authorization.
    exact flickr meassage is

    "Oop!flickr doesn't recognize the"frob" this application is trying to use.

  2. inz says:

    Weird, it worked perfectly fine for me...
    I'll have to try to see what's wrong.

  3. [...] tablet then you should be able to install it right from the Application Manager. Otherwise go to inz’s mh-shot-tool page (perhaps from your Nokia N800) and click on the .install file. To take screenshots, setup [...]

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