Mobile Linux lecture

Today in Tampere University of Technology on Mobile Programming course, Miko Nieminen held a lecture on embedded Linux and maemo played quite big role on it. I considered the lecture to be quite nice crash course, it's not too deep but makes some points on legal aspects too, which are rarely discussed. You can check the lecture slides, released under Creative Commons. The lecture will also be available as video, but it's in Finnish only.

Published on April 26, 2007

osso-statusbar-cpu for bora

Finally had the energy to do this, thanks to Luke for requesting it; osso-statusbar-cpu for bora (0.6.0) has now hit repository. Go install it!

To enable the plugin, go to "Navigation" plugin in control panel, tap on "Status bar" and check the box for "Graph plugin".

Published on April 24, 2007

Omg, vimperator ffox plugin

Thanks to Tak on #maemo for pointing out vimperator. It makes your firefox act like vim, which is beautyful! Now I can <esc>:q to close a tab! Some things are missing, I had to add ":new" for opening stuff in new tab -- don't want to start using vimperator commands in vim. 😉

Sadly there's no backport of ffox2+ to dapper, which I'm running on my laptop, but fortunately tarballs are easy.

Published on April 18, 2007

osso-xterm and .profile

Thank's to Marius Gedminas' patch, osso-xterm now spawns login shells and $HOME/.profile is read. This has been quite a popular request, and now it should work.

In other news, I'm taking a risk and re-enabling maemo-hackers ticket commenting; if it still generates lots of spam, I might re-disable it...

Published on April 11, 2007

Testing wp timed publish...

Lorem ipsum... or something. =)

Published on April 4, 2007

blog-service revisited

Fooling around with dbus-glib, I decided to redesign the BlogService DBus API. The idea is the following; different blogs are available at different object paths, the default blog will be available as /org/MaemoHackers/BlogService/default or similar.

The API is somewhat described in maemo-hackers wiki; the .xml files in svn repository have not yet been updated. I'm doing this alone and in quite a slow pace, and will commit my code when it compiles again. The api may also live -- comments, suggestions etc. welcome.

Published on April 3, 2007