January 26, 2007 on 3:44 am | In maemo-hackers | 5 Comments

I've taken a risk of ruining my life and made a 770/N800 package of sgt-puzzles -- the highly addictive set of puzzles by putty's creator Simon Tatham. Beware, these may make all your free time disappear! The package needs to be improved, the massive number of games makes the extras menu huge and some games need some tweaking because they need two/three mouse buttons and/or keyboard, but mostly it's usable. Try it for yourself.


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  1. Zhasper says:

    Ah-hah! I was only this morning ranting about these games and the way they pollute my menu. From what i've read today, there seems to be a mamo-update-menu command that can be used in postinst script. I've also found the XML menu, which I could edit by hand...

    Do you know of any other way to move items in the menu?

    If not, I may have to submit a patch 🙂

    The games (the ones I've played, at least) are fun 🙂

  2. inz says:

    You can move items in the menu also with the "Navigation" control panel applet.

  3. Zhasper says:

    Now I feel dumb... Thanks! 🙂

  4. Michel Salim says:

    Does Maemo allow putting menu entries in a subfolder by default? Extras/Sgt-Puzzles or Games/Sgt-Puzzles seem appropriate.

    And yes, addictive as hell! Thanks for porting it.

  5. Eugene says:

    It's pretty good collection. Thank you
    But are you going to make a port for OS2008?

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