nginx http server and .install files

January 26, 2007 on 12:53 am | In maemo-hackers | No Comments

There was some discussion about http server for 770/N800, so I decided to package one too. After some surfing I decided to use nginx, it seemed light and fun. Unfortunately their build system wasn't exactly standard, and needed some tuning to get it debianised (on the machine I was on apt-get source didn't give anything for it). But now it's running and available for 770 and N800.

N800 application manager introduced .install files (IT2006 has some support too, haven't really tested). I created a php script that checks for a package in my repositories and returns appropriate .install file data. When I test run it, it turned out, that although the content-type was correct, and it was correctly opened in application manager, it didn't work due to invalid file suffix. So I grabbed every web admins favourite tool, mod_rewrite and made the .install files available as<packagename>.install.

osso-xterm installation has never been this easy, just click here, and your N800 should go and get itself some command line sugar.

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