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Had some time over the weekend, and got a couple of problems fixed concerning my version of osso-xterm on the new and shiny N800 (nice toy, btw). The input issues were after all quite easy to fix, I just made the im context handle some more events, added a missing NULL terminator to g_object_set and everything's working again. Huzzah!

The fixing was over, but the excess time was not, so I continued the journey in the code, and started with making a toolbar with control button (which is missing from the virtual keyboard). Now you can send control without using the menu. First I also added some screen usage shortcuts to the toolbar, but after some discussion with tigert, the shortcuts were made configurable... Well almost configurable, you _can_ use gconftool to change them, no UI yet. The defaults should be fine for screen and irssi users. This is what is now available in the maemo-hackers.org repository as osso-xterm 0.13.mh16 (and bora1).

Also got frustrated over dropbear client name being so long (dbclient), so I grabbed the sources, split the package to dropbear-server and dropbear-client, and most importantly, added update-alternatives row to postinst to make dbclient accessible as ssh. Now I can use ssh just like anywhere.

Next in line: osso-statusbar-cpu for N800 and (finally) getting forward with maemo-blog.


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  1. sebo says:

    helo ... i have question 🙂
    how i could change shortcuts in osso-xterm using gconftool ? the new feuture is realy realy nice, but i need shortcut ctrl-o, can you give me a example ?
    thanks 🙂

  2. ArnimS says:

    Could you please fix 'bright black' color to be a grey color?



    Thanks for this xterm - it is so much nicer than the standard.

  3. ArnimS says:

    The toolbar is 'nice' but i can't get rid of it permanently. It keeps popping up with each new instance of xterm.

    This means i can't start a game like *angband* from the menu, because the toolbar takes up too much space on screen.

    Please advise or make toolbar removable.

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