I've taken a risk of ruining my life and made a 770/N800 package of sgt-puzzles -- the highly addictive set of puzzles by putty's creator Simon Tatham. Beware, these may make all your free time disappear! The package needs to be improved, the massive number of games makes the extras menu huge and some games need some tweaking because they need two/three mouse buttons and/or keyboard, but mostly it's usable. Try it for yourself.

Published on January 26, 2007

nginx http server and .install files

There was some discussion about http server for 770/N800, so I decided to package one too. After some surfing I decided to use nginx, it seemed light and fun. Unfortunately their build system wasn't exactly standard, and needed some tuning to get it debianised (on the machine I was on apt-get source didn't give anything for it). But now it's running and available for 770 and N800.

N800 application manager introduced .install files (IT2006 has some support too, haven't really tested). I created a php script that checks for a package in my repositories and returns appropriate .install file data. When I test run it, it turned out, that although the content-type was correct, and it was correctly opened in application manager, it didn't work due to invalid file suffix. So I grabbed every web admins favourite tool, mod_rewrite and made the .install files available as<packagename>.install.

osso-xterm installation has never been this easy, just click here, and your N800 should go and get itself some command line sugar.

Published on January 26, 2007


Thanks to "andreasfriedrich" on a webmasterworld thread, I got subdomains to work with mod_rewrite to my liking. Due to GeoPress / Google Maps, I had to make the rewriting "remote", but neverminding that, everything works beautyfully. Now my blog is accessible as And it works "automatically", don't need to rewrite rules for subdirs or files. Personally I like domains like, which you get as a bonus.

Published on January 25, 2007

More osso-xterm shortcuts

Today, on a train ride back home from a meeting in Helsinki, osso-xterm got a shortcut key editor. So if you need a shortcut not in the default settings, upgrade to osso-xterm 0.13.mh18 and launch the editor from the edit menu.

The dialog allows you to reorder the entries and to define a label and the key(s) for the shortcut. The format for the key definitions is: "<modifier1>[<modifier2>...]KeyName"; multiple keys for single shortcuts should be separated with commas. The supported modifiers are <shift>, <lock>, <ctrl> or <control>, <alt> or <mod1>, <mod2>, <mod3>, <mod4> and <mod5>. I doubt vte does anything for most of these though, you're probably only interested in shift, ctrl and alt. The keycodes are those understood by gdk_keyval_from_name. For a list of possible values, see gdk/gdkkeysyms.h. The values accepted are those without the GDK_ -prefix.

The default settings appear in the dialog, so you may use the old definitions as examples.

Published on January 24, 2007 and N800

N800 has been out for a few weeks now. will try to support both 770 and N800 where applicable, but most of the programs haven't been tested w/ N800, currently the bora side of the repo only contains osso-xterm (and dependencies) and a dropbear package (I like my ssh client to be available as ssh).

Some of the packages in bora distribution may actually be compiled with mistral roostrap (if the version doesn't contain the word bora), if it doesn't introduce any extraneous dependencies. I'm working towards making the repository self sufficient.

Published on January 23, 2007

Suspend woes

Yesterday, I got suspend, TV-out and lotsa other stuff to work properly on the new laptop. Today, after unsuccesfully trying to configure wpa_supplicant to connect to a friend's AirPort Extreme, I decided that I'd try NetworkManager. First I used the traditional way of connecting a computer into a network: cable. Then a bit of apt-get, and googling how network manager was supposed to be set up, and finally I got it working. Took a while to figure out that I had to comment out entries in /etc/network/interfaces. I got the WLAN connection up and running and was able to disconnect the oh-so-limiting cable.

Just when I thought everything was all right and I could get home to configure my home network, I happened to close the lid and boom... Well, no boom, but the laptop didn't suspend, which isn't nice for battery life, nor it's good thermally to carry a powered on laptop in your bag. I fiddled this and that for a while, and at the end fell back to wpa_supplicant and headed home laptop suspended.

After getting home, I re-enabled NetworkManager and fiddled some more. Adding some scripts to /etc/acpi/{suspend.d,resume.d} to disable NetworkManager finally fixed suspend, found some instructions for FC4 on IBM T42. Later I found Ubuntu bug 40125, which introduced the same fix. Why can't the network-manager package include such scripts... Oh well, the thing is working again, must try hard not to break it again. =)

Published on January 23, 2007


Had some time over the weekend, and got a couple of problems fixed concerning my version of osso-xterm on the new and shiny N800 (nice toy, btw). The input issues were after all quite easy to fix, I just made the im context handle some more events, added a missing NULL terminator to g_object_set and everything's working again. Huzzah!

The fixing was over, but the excess time was not, so I continued the journey in the code, and started with making a toolbar with control button (which is missing from the virtual keyboard). Now you can send control without using the menu. First I also added some screen usage shortcuts to the toolbar, but after some discussion with tigert, the shortcuts were made configurable... Well almost configurable, you _can_ use gconftool to change them, no UI yet. The defaults should be fine for screen and irssi users. This is what is now available in the repository as osso-xterm 0.13.mh16 (and bora1).

Also got frustrated over dropbear client name being so long (dbclient), so I grabbed the sources, split the package to dropbear-server and dropbear-client, and most importantly, added update-alternatives row to postinst to make dbclient accessible as ssh. Now I can use ssh just like anywhere.

Next in line: osso-statusbar-cpu for N800 and (finally) getting forward with maemo-blog.

Published on January 22, 2007

Got a laptop

Since my laptop decided to break down, I've had no good use for lectures at school. This has meant very-little-to-none time for my projects. However, now I got a laptop (which is also neater than my old one) and will hopefully be able to dedicate some time to get some things done that are long overdue. Hopefully this is also good news for my blog. =)

The new laptop makes me love GNU/Linux even more, I just plugged the old HDD in and changed the display driver and everything is going smoothly. No other driver installs, reboots or anything nasty. Since I'm using the same Wi-Fi adapter, I didn't even have to reconfigure my DHCP server.

Published on January 20, 2007