GeoPress test

October 25, 2006 on 1:10 pm | In geeky | 1 Comment

Testing the GeoPress plugin.


Edit: added map for Andrew =)

Blimey, being ill is not fun

October 25, 2006 on 10:36 am | In personal | No Comments

I've caught a flu. The kind of flu, that drains out your power and makes you feel no-so-good and all. But still the kind that does not stop you from going to work, no fever etc. The worst kind of flu. Well, maybe not the worst, but at least one of the most annoying kinds.

More minor annoyances, seems that MySQL has changed their PASSWORD-function. Got a websites login system disabled for a while due to that. Well, I guess it's "more secure" to do the hashing in php and just use the hash in the query.


October 4, 2006 on 11:42 am | In geeky | No Comments

Found an old project I had with my friend, and decided to put it available. It's quite rough around the edges, it was never really finished. It works however, and is fun to watch for a while.

The game is the traditional robot AI competition framework, with nothing really new -- except that the robot AI:s are coded in C++. Included are SDL, text based and DirectDraw graphics options. This makes supported platforms to be Linux (and maybe other unices too) and Windows.

Screenshots can be found on teh website.

The RH installation be gone

October 4, 2006 on 10:38 am | In geeky | No Comments

Got tired of fighting against the brokenness of the old broken RedHat installation, replacing it with a daily build of Ubuntu Edgy Eft. This was actually a couple of weeks ago, but nevertheless. The installation was quite easy, fortunately I had 3 different installation medias, out of which one worked. One of them was a DVD, which would've worked, but after first boot from the DVD, my DVD-drive decided to be a CD-drive, and no longer agreed to read the DVD. The other CD had some kernel/userspace incompatibility problem, and would not boot. This is what you get, when taking daily builds. 😉

To be exact, the RH installation is not gone, it still lives on a HDD that is not used for booting anymore. I used one of the storage drives to make the new installation, this gives me more time to find what's useful and what is not. It was only after the installation that I realised, the instability problems were actually not software errors, but rather exessive dust between heatsink and the fan. Well, the new ubuntu does many things that were b0rked in the RH. But it doesn't turn off the computer on shutdown, maybe I need to look into a BIOS upgrade.

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