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August 18, 2006 on 8:53 am | In maemo, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | No Comments
tigert wrote on his blog about feelings from maemo-blog test session. Some comments on those.

  • Images: Yes, they should be scaled down, just haven't had the time, nor inspiration, to do it. The images _do_ work with wordpress (if normal file upload works), if you use the metaWebLog API, with blogger API they don't.
  • Spinner: Indeed, it would be preferable to see that the application is doing something. I'm not quite sure, if xmlrpc's client API has support for this, I wouldn't like to go multithread, but I'll see what can be done.
  • Source view: The source view is currently easily available because the "WYSIWYG" editor isn't quite there yet; intention is to make it more hidden as the editor matures.
  • Line wrap: I thought this was in already. Anyway, it's just adding one line, this will definitely go into the next version.

Anyway, I've heard there's more coming; looking forward for it. =) *hint to tigert* It could use an icon 😉 */hint*

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