Yarr, cursed be the wordpress.com xmlrpc API

August 28, 2006 on 9:49 pm | In blog-service, geeky, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | No Comments

I've been doing some hacking on maemo-blog, and starting to get a asynchronous blog API's working. I'll release something soon. I've also added account manager and done some (not even nearly enough) code cleaning. I still need to make the blogger plugin comply to the new asynchronous API.

However, during testing the changes, I created two blogs on wordpress.com, and found their xmlrpc API to be quite PITA. Doing a metaWebLog.getUsersBlogs returns all users blogs, as one would except; but... The different blogs of a user require one to use different xmlrpc URLs (ie, http://.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php), and the blog name from the domain name is always used, even if there is a blogId defined in the method call, even when they're different; this is a bit of a problem. Trying to be as generic as I can, I wouldn't like to create separate plugins for each blog provider, and metaWebLog API does not support sending a new xmlrpc URL in a getUsersBlogs reply, there's just no generic way of working past the wordpress.com behavior. Found that at least some performancing user has run into the same problem, and a quick try with BloGTK yielded the same results.

Summer holiday

August 18, 2006 on 9:23 am | In personal | No Comments

Two weeks into my summer holiday (my first ever full summer holiday), and everythings going nice. I've been doing mostly nothing, which was pretty much my plan. For the first week, the weather was very nice, but then my father's vacation started too, and, of cource, it started to rain.

I've tried to get my bicycle into better shape, and have spent quite a few euros on new parts and tools for fixing it, props to biltema for cheap (not always so good though) tools and parts.

I've also taken up some asthanga and hatha yoga from a DVD, and it is nice, makes you feel relaxed and revitalized. And it even makes you sweat, you feel like you've done something. I hope that it can eventually make me more flexible -- no results seen yet thought -- as I'm about as flexible as a steel girder.

I've also read -- well not quite finished yet -- the "Men are from mars -- women from venus" by John Gray, and can really recommend the book. Even if your relationship doesn't need it, it is a great book for learning stuff about yourself; stuff you didn't even know you were missing. =)

Anyway, wandering back to the blissful joy of doing nothing. Cheers.

maemo-blog UI ideas

August 18, 2006 on 8:53 am | In maemo, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | No Comments
tigert wrote on his blog about feelings from maemo-blog test session. Some comments on those.

  • Images: Yes, they should be scaled down, just haven't had the time, nor inspiration, to do it. The images _do_ work with wordpress (if normal file upload works), if you use the metaWebLog API, with blogger API they don't.
  • Spinner: Indeed, it would be preferable to see that the application is doing something. I'm not quite sure, if xmlrpc's client API has support for this, I wouldn't like to go multithread, but I'll see what can be done.
  • Source view: The source view is currently easily available because the "WYSIWYG" editor isn't quite there yet; intention is to make it more hidden as the editor matures.
  • Line wrap: I thought this was in already. Anyway, it's just adding one line, this will definitely go into the next version.

Anyway, I've heard there's more coming; looking forward for it. =) *hint to tigert* It could use an icon 😉 */hint*

How long can you keep an RH installation alive

August 2, 2006 on 12:20 pm | In geeky | 1 Comment

My workstation machine was last installed with a RedHat 6.2, if I recall correctly. It has since been upgraded and upgraded, quite actively until maybe year or two ago, with packages from RedHat/RawHide and its successor Fedora/development. The machine works well enough, I would not like to break it. However, I really think I'm missing on something there. Obviously I'd like to change to debian/ubuntu, just haven't had the guts, as there may be lots of personal hacks scattered around the filesystem.

The rpm database has been totally re-build 2 times, due to bad database crashes. It took ages both times, but the result has always been a working system. The init scripts on the machine are a total mess, and there may be some packages one or two generations older than the others. Even though I do use apt-get on it, I can't always do blind upgrade, so there's usually some packages left unupgraded.

Now that the fileserver is kicking in, I've enough disk to copy all the stuff out of the machine and start from the scratch, I'm just still wondering if I should, would I get the new distro the way I want in sensible timeframe. All the HW in the system has changed during the lifetime of the installation, and yet, against all odds, it's still kicking.

All in all, don't get too attached to your OS installation, OS reinstall are certainly healthy every now and then, especially if you're using bleeding edge packages.

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