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July 21, 2006 on 4:49 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | No Comments

Had a bit of a bore going on, so decided to do something fun. Remembering tko's post on maemo-developers, decided to do a repository watcher.

So, what does it do; well, it gets list of categories from MaemoWiki, gets list of packages of every repository, and checks if the versions of packages are newer, than what was previously in the database. If version is newer (or package is new), the new package is put into the database instead.

So, what's the good stuff; the database can then be queried. As repository packages lists don't contain any dates, we use the time of the checkout. As package date; thus we get a time-ordered list of packages. And of course, in this time of rss feeds, there is also a feed available. Rss-feed also supports get parameters count and repo to change amount of packages and to only see packages from one repository.

Now you can watch as new packages make themselves to the repositories - yay.

The source for the repository scrawler and the rss feed are available.

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