More osso-xterm shortcuts

January 24, 2007 on 8:48 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers, osso-xterm | 10 Comments

Today, on a train ride back home from a meeting in Helsinki, osso-xterm got a shortcut key editor. So if you need a shortcut not in the default settings, upgrade to osso-xterm 0.13.mh18 and launch the editor from the edit menu.

The dialog allows you to reorder the entries and to define a label and the key(s) for the shortcut. The format for the key definitions is: "<modifier1>[<modifier2>...]KeyName"; multiple keys for single shortcuts should be separated with commas. The supported modifiers are <shift>, <lock>, <ctrl> or <control>, <alt> or <mod1>, <mod2>, <mod3>, <mod4> and <mod5>. I doubt vte does anything for most of these though, you're probably only interested in shift, ctrl and alt. The keycodes are those understood by gdk_keyval_from_name. For a list of possible values, see gdk/gdkkeysyms.h. The values accepted are those without the GDK_ -prefix.

The default settings appear in the dialog, so you may use the old definitions as examples. and N800

January 23, 2007 on 2:38 pm | In maemo-hackers | No Comments

N800 has been out for a few weeks now. will try to support both 770 and N800 where applicable, but most of the programs haven't been tested w/ N800, currently the bora side of the repo only contains osso-xterm (and dependencies) and a dropbear package (I like my ssh client to be available as ssh).

Some of the packages in bora distribution may actually be compiled with mistral roostrap (if the version doesn't contain the word bora), if it doesn't introduce any extraneous dependencies. I'm working towards making the repository self sufficient.


January 22, 2007 on 7:27 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers, osso-xterm | 3 Comments

Had some time over the weekend, and got a couple of problems fixed concerning my version of osso-xterm on the new and shiny N800 (nice toy, btw). The input issues were after all quite easy to fix, I just made the im context handle some more events, added a missing NULL terminator to g_object_set and everything's working again. Huzzah!

The fixing was over, but the excess time was not, so I continued the journey in the code, and started with making a toolbar with control button (which is missing from the virtual keyboard). Now you can send control without using the menu. First I also added some screen usage shortcuts to the toolbar, but after some discussion with tigert, the shortcuts were made configurable... Well almost configurable, you _can_ use gconftool to change them, no UI yet. The defaults should be fine for screen and irssi users. This is what is now available in the repository as osso-xterm 0.13.mh16 (and bora1).

Also got frustrated over dropbear client name being so long (dbclient), so I grabbed the sources, split the package to dropbear-server and dropbear-client, and most importantly, added update-alternatives row to postinst to make dbclient accessible as ssh. Now I can use ssh just like anywhere.

Next in line: osso-statusbar-cpu for N800 and (finally) getting forward with maemo-blog.

Yay, maemo-blog works again

November 8, 2006 on 1:08 am | In maemo, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | No Comments

Posting this with 770, testing some features. New maemo-blog supports images over GnomeVFS, so I can post a hideous picture of myself taken with the phone, without copying it first.


Also, bergie should be happy: after some night time hacking, I got my midgard working and was able to solve maemo-blog issues with it. So now that maemo-blog is in working state, it's time to break it again and start to implent the stuff tigert has so carefully planned. =)

Yarr, cursed be the xmlrpc API

August 28, 2006 on 9:49 pm | In blog-service, geeky, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | No Comments

I've been doing some hacking on maemo-blog, and starting to get a asynchronous blog API's working. I'll release something soon. I've also added account manager and done some (not even nearly enough) code cleaning. I still need to make the blogger plugin comply to the new asynchronous API.

However, during testing the changes, I created two blogs on, and found their xmlrpc API to be quite PITA. Doing a metaWebLog.getUsersBlogs returns all users blogs, as one would except; but... The different blogs of a user require one to use different xmlrpc URLs (ie,, and the blog name from the domain name is always used, even if there is a blogId defined in the method call, even when they're different; this is a bit of a problem. Trying to be as generic as I can, I wouldn't like to create separate plugins for each blog provider, and metaWebLog API does not support sending a new xmlrpc URL in a getUsersBlogs reply, there's just no generic way of working past the behavior. Found that at least some performancing user has run into the same problem, and a quick try with BloGTK yielded the same results.

maemo-blog UI ideas

August 18, 2006 on 8:53 am | In maemo, maemo-blog, maemo-hackers | No Comments
tigert wrote on his blog about feelings from maemo-blog test session. Some comments on those.

  • Images: Yes, they should be scaled down, just haven't had the time, nor inspiration, to do it. The images _do_ work with wordpress (if normal file upload works), if you use the metaWebLog API, with blogger API they don't.
  • Spinner: Indeed, it would be preferable to see that the application is doing something. I'm not quite sure, if xmlrpc's client API has support for this, I wouldn't like to go multithread, but I'll see what can be done.
  • Source view: The source view is currently easily available because the "WYSIWYG" editor isn't quite there yet; intention is to make it more hidden as the editor matures.
  • Line wrap: I thought this was in already. Anyway, it's just adding one line, this will definitely go into the next version.

Anyway, I've heard there's more coming; looking forward for it. =) *hint to tigert* It could use an icon 😉 */hint*

Clockified osso-statusbar-cpu

July 28, 2006 on 4:10 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers, osso-statusbar-cpu | 2 Comments

Cursed be the statusbar on maemo for the lack of space. Thus made I a little hack to osso-statusbar-cpu to show time on top of the graph(s). For those who lack imagination, see the webpage, there be screenshot.

New osso-xterm

July 27, 2006 on 11:52 am | In maemo, maemo-hackers, osso-xterm | 2 Comments

Decided that the time for osso-xterm based on the old, clumsy HildonApp and HildonAppView was at the end. Behold, the osso-xterm 0.13.mh11, which uses HildonProgram and HildonWindow. Window title changes are now also supported.

Update on maemo repository watcher

July 24, 2006 on 3:16 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | No Comments

Noticed a little bug in the watcher, it was not getting packages from Oak Court and OpenedHand repositories. Fixed those problems, and also implemented getting the description and the icon. Results can be seen on maemo-hackers MaemoPackages page, or in the rss feed.

Currently glurp seems to be the only one using the maemo-icon-26 filed, but maybe soon others will follow.

Maemo repository watcher

July 21, 2006 on 4:49 pm | In maemo, maemo-hackers | No Comments

Had a bit of a bore going on, so decided to do something fun. Remembering tko's post on maemo-developers, decided to do a repository watcher.

So, what does it do; well, it gets list of categories from MaemoWiki, gets list of packages of every repository, and checks if the versions of packages are newer, than what was previously in the database. If version is newer (or package is new), the new package is put into the database instead.

So, what's the good stuff; the database can then be queried. As repository packages lists don't contain any dates, we use the time of the checkout. As package date; thus we get a time-ordered list of packages. And of course, in this time of rss feeds, there is also a feed available. Rss-feed also supports get parameters count and repo to change amount of packages and to only see packages from one repository.

Now you can watch as new packages make themselves to the repositories - yay.

The source for the repository scrawler and the rss feed are available.

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